What's new in Android 12: Features and improvements

Posted on 04 October 2020 by admin
What's new in Android 12: Features and improvements

Android 12 is the latest version that Google released for the Android operating system, which was announced on February 18 of this year.

The new version contains some new features and developments such as easy Wi-Fi sharing, AVIF image format support, and reduced app startup times.

This update came to fix many problems that existed in previous versions of Android systems, It also has a new user interface.

The most fun issue a couple of huge mechanical man update is aiming to strive all of the new show-stopping options that’ll amendment the means you’ll use your phone. Android 12, that releases in an exceedingly few weeks on element phones (3 and up) and simply a pick few different devices later this year, is fascinating as a result of, well, it doesn’t have a bunch of these.

I’ve been victimization mechanical man twelve on the element three since the primary developer preview, and on the element 4A 5G a lot of recently throughout the newest unharness candidate. Google proclaimed nowadays that it free the mechanical man twelve supply on mechanical man Open supply Project (AOSP), however rather than cathartic it broadly speaking because it has in years past, element house owners can got to wait a number of a lot of weeks.

For the foremost half, it’s still mechanical man. you'll simply get by on the new update while not victimization the smattering of latest options that Google buried within the settings, although it’s value seeking out a number of them.

The most obvious amendment, that is additionally the largest incentive for many individuals to transfer mechanical man twelve, is Google’s new Material You style. The corporate says it’s the largest style amendment in Android’s history. I agree that it’s vital, since it primarily makes stock mechanical man seem like a very sensible custom launcher. There’s a lot of color and a lot of fun shapes throughout, and weirdest of all, widgets ar formally an issue once more.


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