How to upgrade windows 10 to windows 11

Posted on 23 October 2020 by admin
How to upgrade windows 10 to windows 11

The process of updating Windows 10 PCs to meet Microsoft hardware requirements begins simultaneously and extends through 2022. After that, Microsoft will continue to update Windows 10 with new features and security patches. The Windows 11 update will be pushed to your device sometime in the coming months, and Microsoft's data suggests that it will be ready for all of your devices.

Once the new operating system is available, the upgrade process will feel like a normal Windows 10 update if your device is compatible and meets the minimum requirements. Microsoft will automatically roll out the Windows 11 phase to your system and will not prompt you to upgrade. If you cannot find the upgrade, you can even tell your computer to manually check the update. Before the upgrade rollout schedule starts, you should check under Settings > Windows Update to see if your PC is ready for your device.

You can also download the Windows 11 upgrade files from the official website and install them on your system. Go to Detect Updates, and if you see "Windows 11 Upgrade" listed, select the file and click Download and Install. When you see the list of "Windows11 Upgrade Options," select them and click Install Update.

Most Windows 10 users are eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 11, but you will need to perform a health check to verify that your computer is compatible and meets system requirements. Although an upgrade is possible, it is not recommended to install Microsoft Windows 11 if your computer does not support it. With a few steps, you can upgrade your existing Windows, whether it is Windows 10 or Windows 11, to a fresher, error-free download from the official Microsoft website on this page.

We recommend that you read our previous story about the minimal hardware specifications for Windows 11 and download Microsoft's Health Check app to see if your PC is suitable for upgrading to Windows 11. In this tutorial I'll show you how to check if Microsoft's major new Windows 11 update works on your PC, how to download it and whether your computer meets the requirements. For those who want to know where to download Windows 11 before it is official, many people are waiting for Microsoft's new operating system to be released over the holidays in 2021 so that they can download and test an early version of the operating system themselves.

Microsoft released the first preview builds through the Windows Insider program, giving you the opportunity to take an early look at Windows 11 if you are willing to take the risk of launching an unfinished operating system. Microsoft is unsure whether Windows 10 will have another year of feature updates, so if you want the latest and best version of Windows, Windows 10 is what you want. Fortunately, Microsoft's big new Windows 11 update is available for free to anyone upgrading to a computer that supports it. 

If you return to Windows 10 after installing Windows 11 and decide you don't like it, Microsoft will let you return to the first 10 days after the upgrade. Remember that if you upgrade to Windows 11, and let the grace period expire ten days before you decide to go with Windows 10 again, you need to do what you used to do, namely download and install a clean copy of Windows 10. When you upgrade from Windows 11 Pro, the first upgrade is from Windows 10 Home to Windows11 Home, and you must enter a Microsoft account.

When Microsoft releases Windows 11 on June 24, 2021, Windows 10 and Windows 7 users will want to upgrade their systems to Windows 11. Microsoft wants you to know there is no serious risk and recommends upgrading to the new operating system via Windows Update on supported hardware. One of the most commonly used is the installation wizard that you can install on your PC to trigger a normal upgrade and install Windows Update. 

The trick to download Windows 10 for free works exactly like the one you would use if you want to upgrade an older machine to Windows 11, but Microsoft does not recommend this because older machines are not eligible for the same updates. We have not tested to download or install Windows 11 on a single PC, but either way, it seems that Windows 11 and the Windows 11 installation wizard download automatically while you wait in the background for Windows Update. Windows displays multiple updates when you select the updates to install. 

The company has stated that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows Update, a service similar to Microsoft Office. Instead of releasing a new version of the operating system with new features and changes every three to six years, Microsoft will update Windows 10 with incremental updates. Most people will likely wait a few months to give Microsoft time to iron out the major flaws in the new Windows 11 operating system and complete the release of updates to Windows 11 built-in apps.

We have gathered all possible resources to create a comprehensive installation guide for upgrading to Windows 11. It includes advice and step-by-step instructions on how to turn on all the necessary features for your TPM, secure booting (an official and unofficial way to bypass system requirements) and how to check nonsupported PCs. In many ways, Windows 11 is an update to Windows 10, albeit one from Microsoft's marketing department. It provides important updates via the Microsoft Store, including the option for third-party developers to make their traditional Win32 desktop apps available for safe download from the Store. 


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